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Two Christmas Drabbles



Here are two very silly drabbles that I wrote for the 2007 Advent Calendar.




He lurks in the shadows behind the streetlamp and Buffy feels sorry for him, out in the cold and all alone.


Strong arms wrap themselves around her waist and her lover kisses her neck. "Is he still there?"


"I want to ask him to share Christmas with us."


He frowns, but says, "If that's what you want."


She smiles and moves to open the window, but a truck pulls up outside and  the lonely figure enters the vehicle and it pulls away.


She watches the truck disappear and remembers his distress after his wife died. She whispers, "Merry Christmas, Riley."






"Yo ho ho!"


"Merry Christmas, Santa!"


"Have you been a good girl this year, Buffy?"


"Yes, Santa."


"What have you done?"


"I've saved the world at least twice…"


"Yes, that's very good. Are you ready to receive your… present?"




"No, Angel! You have to make the nice last longer before we get to the naughty!"


"But I like the naughty."


"Well, so do I. But not yet."


"All right. Why do you have a thing for Father Christmas, anyway?"


"Dunno. I guess I like old guys. Tell you what, why don't you keep the red suit on this time?"








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