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Flight Plan





By Dark Star


Summary: Will he be on time?

Rating: Suitable for all

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon created these characters, and I'm just playing with them.





He taps his fingers impatiently on the dashboard of his car. The traffic crawls ahead of him, and he wonders if it will be quicker to get out of the car and hurry across the rooftops. But he knows that will only draw attention to him, and he doesn't want to leave his new car unprotected and exposed like that. He glances at his watch for the tenth time in five minutes. Come on!


The traffic parts as a car pulls out, and he slides the car through the gap it left, and rounds the corner; there is a lesser used route through the back-streets that most people, concerned for their safety, choose not to use.


The roads here are clearer, and he checks his watch again and wonders if he will make his flight. He puts his foot down, swerving expertly through the sparse traffic and speeds up. Hurry.


He is closing on his destination, and searches for a parking space. He screeches into the first one he sees, cutting off an irate motorist who catches one look at the vampires' expression and quickly decides to look for another spot.


Angel grabs his stuff from the backseat, and sprints off toward the bright lights of the glass-fronted terminal. He's going to miss it.


Rushing into the busy airport lounge, he casts around for the flight number that he needs. Only two minutes before departure, and he rushes to make the distance before it is too late. He reaches the check-in desk, and swerves, going left, and up toward the balcony. He pushes toward the front of the gathered humans and scans the milling people below for what he is looking for.




A blonde head bobbing among the crowd, she stands smaller than most but he would know her anywhere.  She is happy and chats excitedly to her sister, arm wrapped round her shoulder as they head toward the boarding exit. She hesitates before going through, turning to look at the crowd. He steps  further back, melting into the shadows, and her gaze misses him; she frowns, but is distracted by Dawn grabbing her arm and hauling her, laughing, through the double doors and away from his sight.


He watches until everyone has gone, and he stands alone on the balcony. He moves across to the window that looks down on the waiting aircraft.  He knows instinctively which flight is hers, and watches until the plane taxies along the runway, gains altitude and disappears from his enhanced vision.


She has gone; her annual vacation to somewhere hot and sunny, and somewhere impossible for him to follow. But she will be happy, and that is enough.  She will never know that he does this every year, and  he smiles, and makes his way back to the car park. She will be back, and that is everything.










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